PP Microporous Folding Water Filter

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PP microporous folding filter element is a popular microporous filter element in the world. The composite foldable microporous membrane is used as the filter medium. Through the membrane surface microporous screening, the filter has the advantages of high filtration precision, good filtrate, small filter volume, large flow, easy operation and low production cost. The microporous filter element of pure polypropylene plastic shell has good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, small volume, light weight, no toxicity, no fouling and pollution. It is suitable for low-pressure and high-precision filtration of strong corrosive medium in medicine, food, chemical industry and pesticide.

Main application

Application area

Using examples

Chemical industry

Filtration and clarification of water, solvent, acid and base and other chemicals; separation of emulsified oil and water, emulsion filtration; high concentration polymer spinning

Filtration of impurities in paints

Petroleum machinery

Filtration and clarification of various oils, such as fuel oil, lubricating oil and cutting oil; fermentation product and bacterial separation, oil-water separation


Removal of bacteria and fungi in the fermentation process

Electronic chemical industry

Manufacture of ultrapure water; purification and filtration of various chemicals and gases in semiconductor manufacturing; air purification for clean rooms; refining of optical disc manufacturing drugs and pharmaceuticals

Medical, medical

Non-heat source purified water production; infusion, injection, preparation sterilization; blood filtration, plasma separation, serum, tissue culture

Filtration and sterilization of other biological agents; clarification and sterilization filtration of raw materials, intermediates, chemical raw materials, etc.

Food industry

Removal of yeast and mold in wine, beer, carbonated beverages; clarification filtration of sugar liquid; clarification of juice, fruit wine, sterilization filtration

Water treatment

Removal of suspended solids, tiny particles and bacteria in water

Folding filter number description


Number description


HPP polypropylene, JPP imported polypropylene composite film, FPP polypropylene composite film, HPF hydrophilic polytetrafluoroethylene, SPF hydrophobic type

Polytetrafluoroethylene, HPS polyethersulfone, FHPS polyethersulfone composite membrane, HNY nylon, HCA vinegar fiber, HPVDF hydrophilic fluorine,

SPVDF hydrophobic type fluorine, SFPP meltblown polypropylene, SPP absolute precision polypropylene.


01=0.1 02=0.2 022=0.22 045=0.45 065=0.65 08=0.8 1=1.0 12=1.2 2=2.0

3=3.05=5.0 8=8.0 10=10.0 15=15.0 20=20.0 30=30.0 60=60.0

Upper interface

Z: Fin P: bulkhead LP: two flat LHP: two flat steel lining

PLP: One head is flat and stuffy (in the Z type, which is not marked as normal type, Z1 is cross type)


2.5=2.5 inch 5=5 inch 10=10 inch 20=20 inch 30=30 inch 40=40 inch

Lower interface

D=222 E=226 DH=222 Lining steel ring EH=226 Lining steel ring HDH= Fully lined stainless steel 222 Steel ring HEH=

Fully lined stainless steel 226 Steel ring DN=222 Lining steel ring EN=226 Lining steel ring HDN= Fully lined stainless steel 222 Lining

HEN= Fully lined stainless steel 226 Lining AD= special 222 AE= special 226 C=215 F=220



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